Vanderstar Contracting is a pioneer in sustainable development and green construction. We partner with environmentally focused organizations to ensure our clients meet their sustainability goals. We are actively researching and developing innovative solutions that will transform the construction industry.

Solar Panel Installation
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Our team has over 35 years of construction experience. Sustainable growth for our community is a priority for our leadership team. We will make sure your construction project meets regulatory compliance & government mandates. 

Materials Management

At Vanderstar Contracting we pride ourselves on holding the highest ethical & integrity standard. We make sure materials used in the construction phase get recycled responsibly. Our goal is to make an environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions and creating a better environment for generations to come. 

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Green Rooftop


We are a results-driven organization. During our construction planning we create sustainable goals for each project. We use a comprehensive method to build, implement and track sustainable initiatives for each construction project.

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